Thursday, June 5, 2008

Visa Is Being Delivered

After 20 months of separation, my wife's visa is being delivered by Delbros Courier Service in Manila. The point that I would like to make is we never should have had to file a hardship waiver for a 10 year bar. 178 days of unlawful presence does not justify a 10 year bar. I am still looking into any other legal actions that I may have for the incompetence of the embassy staff.


Carolyn said...

So sad to read your story. Thank you for sharing. It's important for people to realize how easily things like this can happen.

Anonymous said...

What an intense situation! I am sure your actions to resolve this situation is probably going to help others in your situation too in the long run.

BTW, you and your wife look really nice together.

Your persistence is great and I am sure you will overcome all barriers.

Reminds me of this video called: Flourish and prosper.

jb said...

I am waiting for my fiancee to get through this nonsense. We have not had to go through any of this BS you two are going through but it is still a huge pain. We met on the web 3 years ago (She is in Vietnam) I have been there twice to visit. I filled out the application in December 2007 and we are still waiting for the consulate in Saigon. So far the expense has only been $455 as she has been in Vietnam ths whole time but I am sure they are going to have their hands out again soon. I know the government has more games to play after the marriage too. Good luck and many happy years to your family.

Ann said...

what about the incompetence of the lawyer who helped you? don't you think he or she should have caught that? he or she should have told you that your wife was not subject to the 10 year bar! OMG! what a terrible ordeal! I am going through this right now with my husband from Honduras. He has been here for over 9 years so I must write the waiver and document everything. Thanks for your help.

alice said...

It's hard when you are separated because of that policy..