Friday, May 23, 2008

My Wifes 10 year Bar and the Hardship Waiver

I am an American Citizen, a disabled Veteran from the U.S. Army, and I want to share my Immigration experience to help others whom have been separated from their foreign spouses due to draconian U.S. Immigration Laws. I met my wife in the beginning of 2005 in the New York City area. She is a native of the Philippines and absolutely the nicest woman that I have ever met. We married in Manhattan on July 14,2005. We consulted a prominent Immigration Attorney in the New York City region one week before our marriage to make sure we were following the law. I am just starting my story and hope to finish this posting within the next few weeks. When I first married my wife, I did not have any knowledge of Immigration law and thought that the marriage was the only real thing that we had to do in order to keep us together in the United States. How wrong I was to assume that the marriage alone would prevent any major problems with the U.S. Government.

The U.S Government had a problem with my wife because she came to the United States on a marriage visa and that particular marriage ended in divorce. This causes the U.S Immigration officials to assume fraud and they therefore fall into a state of paranoia and have what I like to describe "a cow". There are 2 classes of Visas, what is needed to enter the United States when you are from a foreign country. There are Immigrant Visas and Non-Immigrant Visas, and among those two classes are several different types, but my discussion is going to be limited to marriage visas. The government has a letter for everything under the sun for visas, K1,k3 are the common types for marriage minded couples. I cannot understand why K1 is used for a fiance visa and k3 for a marriage visa, how confusing. How about an F visa for fiance and an M visa for marriage. Maybe the officials in the U.S. Immigration System should have the designation of BS for bull and something else, I am trying to keep this blog clean, but you get the idea, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

This website got all the information about the US visas issues who are responsible for the harrasment of many travellers of US.

Rogelio and Jill said...

So is there more to your story? I was reading it and I wanted to know more about your story since I am going threw Immigration problems for my husband its intresting to hear other peoples problems and what they went threw. Please write more:) Thanks

thizzlatin509 said...

I really wish you the best of luck. I am a mexican and i am also married to a us citizen and unfortunately i have an unwaiveable 10 year bar so i have to wait here until 2017 when my wife could help me go back, it really sucks because we a baby now and the life in mexico is not as nice as we wish it would be. Best of luck and hope your case gets taken care of quick

Tami said...

hey thanks for this site. I am currently married to a pakistani national for nearly 5 years, we have never gone through the visa process because I happen to be disabled and therefore ineligible to meet the federal poverty guidelines and unable to work- through no fault of my own! So, for 'our family unity' and to be together the only option for us is for me to live in Pakistan (one of the most hated countries on this planet)and since I happen to be born white American, again through no fault of my own;) so I literally have had to put my own life in danger to be with the man I love, my ONLY own birth fam,ily has disowned me and abandoned me. I feel very discriminated against cuz without a co or joint sponsor (not even sure which I need) my disability prevents me from obtaining the liberties other Americans have so easily at thier fingertips! it's unfair! JUST because I am disabled and for that reason only I am not eligible by thier guidelines of poverty!! sickening...depressing... I will die so far from my first born granddaughter who i have never even met and all because of some govt beaurocratc red tape! I am a displaced, disabled American vet for Gods' sake- whose @$$ do I need to kiss to get some friggin assistance? When I took an oath to be loyal to my country- where is my countries loyalty to me????
Anxious to hear the rest of your story...I feel so bad for ANYONE who has to go through USA immigration- it's just not reliable or worth it in my opinion!:(

Yellllllooow said...

Hello cchrishefish...My fiance and I are about to go through the same process, and I am terrifed he'll be stuck in Mexico for 10 years away from myeslf and his child.

Could you give me some friendly advice on the extreme hardship waiver...I don't know what to expect, and I'm terrified they will not approve it!