Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Wife's Embassy Appointment

I stayed up until 5 am talking to the embassy staff last night. We have been awaiting permission for her to attend another embassy appointment. I have contacted my representatives both in the Senate and Congress. I informed them 2 weeks ago that my wife, whom is expecting our first child, cannot board any more flights after 06/15/08 because she will be too far into her pregnancy. Most airlines forbid traveling while pregnant after so many months. I cannot believe that the embassy told me that her appointment was scheduled for 07/22/08. Is there any communication between my representatives and the embassy? After calling several times and being placed on hold, they moved her appointment to 06/03/08. I was also informed that my wife would have to pay for another medical exam because her prior one expired. Now, who is responsible for the prior medical exam expiring? If the visa was granted the first time, we would not be in this situation. So, another expense of $215.38 is being given to the most dysfunctional embassy in the world. Maybe they deny visas to generate more income!

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