Friday, May 30, 2008

My Wife is in Manila

I called my wife last night and she is currently in Manila. She has attended the Medical exam at the St Lukes Medical Clinic Embassy Annex. She is upset having to leave her family on such short notice, and not knowing whether she will fly back to the southern end of the Philippines to say goodbye. The Embassy does not communicate well, and has not told us if she will receive her Visa at her appointment, as requested by my Congressional Representative. Normal procedures dictate that the applicant return to their home address and await a courier delivery which takes about 1 month. My wife can board flights until 06/15/2008 therefore, if the courier service is used, she will have to give birth to our first child in the Philippines. In addition, a birth certificate and Visa application will have to be submitted at the embassy before our child can come to the United States. This will generate even more income to the embassy therefore, I believe they will delay issuing the Visa since they are so hungry for money. If my wife receives her Visa at the appointment, she will fly to the United States directly from Manila without seeing her family until we visit the Philippines on a future vacation.


The Florida Masochist said...

I found your blog via the Immigration Law Professor blog. Like yourself, I'm married to a Filipina. Leonita and I just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on May 30th. Where in the Philippines is your wife from? Leonita is from Tacloban(Leyte).

US immigration services is a royal pain in the @#%^%!. Was that way 20 years ago and hasn't changed. My wife is a citizen now(since 1994), in addition Nanay and my sister-in-law(Work visa, she's a nurse) immigrated here. They're citizens too. Had a brother-in-law who worked on a cruise ship. Leoncio got deported after he overstayed his visa by one day. We've had our own immigration nightmare.

Good luck with the embassy and hope you and the wife are here in the states soon. Congrats on the baby too. I'd like to know how everything works out, my email is Drop me a note.


cchrishefish said...

My wife is from the southern end of the Philippines, the town of Balingoan, in the Misamis Oriental province. I am expecting her return soon. I hpe that my blog is helpful to others in the same situation.